The Gates of Myric

The Party is formed!

The Chosen of Phex

Six adventurers from across Nimbus; Araia Ladren, Gasoka Brasstankard, Enethowan Auroerum, Frea Ethretha, Yorish Borish, and The Steward of Marthas; found themselves in the small town of Lorkan. What they witnessed there will change the course of history.

Called by Phex, the goddess of souls to the city of Demaxus, their adventures began immediately. A fifty mile trek by foot, and an encounter with a hungry owl bear later, they found themselves barred from the city. Their mysterious mute companion, the child monk they had come to call Two-Blink, flashed a jewel-encrusted dagger in front of the guards, and with a look of near reverence, they opened the gate. “We are sorry Steward of Marthas, we did not recognize you.” When finally they met Phex herself, she was not overly forthcoming with information.

And so, our story begins.


mizuna737 mizuna737

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